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There is so much joy in my heart to know that live music is starting up again. There may always be a “virtual” component to concertizing-it turns out to be a great way to reach folks, and to share the experience of performance in a way convenient to many. But, there is no substitute for the reciprocity and delight that live music brings. The interaction between audience and musicians is irreplaceable.

So, it is with great happiness that several colleagues and I have upcoming events being planned and scheduled!

Zephyr Trio (Linda Alexander and myself, flutes, Matthew Odell, piano) will performing the music of Donizetti, Uebayashi, Debussy, Clarke and Faure at Kendal of Hanover on April 9, 2022.

Cameo Baroque will be playing a series of three all-Bach concerts, “Arias & Sonatas” in Haverhill, NH, Montpelier, VT and Lebanon,  NH in May.

Cellist Peter Zay, pianist Matthew Odell and I will be performing a concert of works by Bach, Merlet, and Mendelssohn on April 24th, 2pm at the First Congregational Church of Lebanon (NH).  

Lastly, I am very excited to share news of a new recording project along with Matthew Odell, piano, and Peter Zay, cello. We will be recording over the fall and spring the music of French composer Michel Merlet. Matthew and I were very fortunate to be able to work with M. Merlet while in Paris-in February of 2020, just before everything shut down. The time spent with M. Merlet was priceless in every way.

And as always, any exciting or interesting news, I will be sure and post right here. We hope to see you soon!


Matthew Odell and I very are excited to have released our album, Sonatas for Flute and Piano, by Gary Schocker

Noted by American Record Guide as “…authoritative,” having a “rich, velvety sound” and “…both of them have command of all the difficulties,” as well as by The Flutist Quarterly as “confident, winning performances” and the “finesse of her performance is equaled by pianist Matthew Odell”.

You can find our album on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and Naxos under our names, or Gary Schocker’s name.


These wonderfully conceived and truly collaborative works are filled with wit, charm, beautiful lines, and virtuosic passages for both instruments. Gary Schocker, one of America’s most important and unique compositional voices, truly captures the best of both instruments and the colors they are capable of producing in these diverse and dialogue-filled chamber sonatas. We are indebted to Mr. Schocker for writing these colorful works, and for sharing so much time and insight with us.


We did make it to Paris and back just before everything was shut down. We were extremely grateful to have the opportunity to play for a lovely, welcoming audience at L’eglise Saint-Merry, as part of the concert series Accueil Musical, performing music of Schubert, Rogerson, Carter, Schocker, Merlet, and Franck.

We are also extremely grateful to Michel Merlet and his wife Sophie for not only coming to the concert, but for meeting with us the next day to work on M. Merlet’s music for flute and piano, and for flute alone. We hope to begin recording this wonderful music, as well as his trio for flute, cello, and piano, sometime in the next year. Having the opportunity to work with M. Merlet was as invaluable as it was inspiring. His support and enthusiasm for this project, so dear to our hearts, means so much.

And-my husband and I made it to the Louvre the day before it closed! Seeing the Mona Lisa in real life was everything people say it is! And more…


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