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Currently, I have several upcoming performances and would love to see you in the audience and have the opportunity share favorite music as well as treasured colleagues with you. Please check out the Performances page. And please do say hello so I can thank you for the generous gift of your time.

If you are unfamiliar with Cameo Baroque or Cameo Arts Foundation, Inc. please take a look at the Cameo Baroque page. We are a period instrument ensemble I have the great pleasure to be a member of-CAF, Inc. is the nonprofit organization that grew out of our interest in performing baroque music combined with a commitment to community enrichment.

Thank you to John Lunn for his help and advice with getting this site up and running. Without his gentle encouragement and good advice I would still be mulling it over.  And, without John and Meredith Lunn my flutes would not be playing the way they do.  The Lunn team is amazing.

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Sonatas for Flute and Piano by Gary Schocker


Yay! Matthew Odell and I very are excited to announce a release date of November 15, 2019

It is difficult to accurately communicate how much gratitude I feel in being able to share the news that this album is now available. Growing up in Oakland, CA, I listened, a lot, to the song “It’s a Small World.” As in, listened all the time-I loved that song!   Childhood “stuff” aside, it is a small world, and so to be treasured and nurtured.  But without question, also a really big world.  Without the people who (without even knowing) help us to navigate, continue, and progress-where would any of us be? And then of course the people that step-up when asked and do whatever they can to help-what gifts to have been given.  I hold all these people close in my heart, and am so grateful for their generosity in every single way, and most especially for their unwavering kindness.

To find our album please follow  this link:

And please, enjoy!


*Pianist Matthew Odell and I are very excited to release, with Centaur Records, Sonatas for Flute and Piano by the acclaimed NYC composer, flutist and teacher Gary Schocker.

These wonderfully conceived and truly collaborative works are filled with wit, charm, beautiful lines, and virtuosic passages for both instruments. Gary Schocker, one of America’s most important and unique compositional voices, truly captures the best of both instruments and the colors they are capable of producing in these diverse and dialogue-filled chamber sonatas.

This upcoming year I am thrilled and fortunate to have upcoming performances with many friends and colleagues filled with great music and at great locations.  Please check out my Performances page for dates, places and musical selections.

Matthew and I are especially looking forward to performing in Paris this winter, at Accueil Musical on February 29, 2020, and to working with award winning composer Michel Merlet while in France.  On the 29th, in the beautiful cathedral L’eglise Saint-Merry we will play music close to our hearts-music of Schubert, Franck, Schocker, and Merlet.

*Also, please mark your calendar for Sunday, November 24th, 6pm, the recital hall at Boston University, where our Acacia Chamber Music colleague Meghan Davis will be performing a recital in partial fulfillment of her DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts).  She will be playing some sonatas for clarinet and piano with Matthew Odell, and she and I will be playing Jolivet’s Sonatine for flute and clarinet.  And there may a surprise encore! I hope you can join us, and give support to this super talented clarinetist, and good friend.